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Owner: Don Charles     Claremore, Oklahoma
Variety is the name of our game! Good calm mules of all sizes and prices!
Contact: Diamond C Mules or call Don Charles @ 918/342-0550

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We usually keep an inventory of mules in the 20+ ranges. You'll never know what we'll have on hand from week to week. Below are a few samples of mules you can find at the Diamond C Mule Ranch at this time. If you are interested in these or have any other type in mind, please let us know.

Barney is an 8-year-old, 58” brown john mule.  He has been rode in rodeo arena’s with kids as many as 3 at one time!  He has a smooth fast running walk.  He is the wide heavy quarter horse type mule.  Barney has a good disposition, loads, and handles easily.  Barney has been on lots of trail rides.  He has been used on a ranch to gather cattle and remains calm even with the mean ones!  He is more than willing to go and has a lot of heart.  You can’t ride Barney down – he’ll give his 100% all day long. 

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Linda is a 8-year-old , 57” sorrel molly mule.  Linda is the wide front and back quarter horse type mule.  Linda is a bit stand-offish until she gets used to you.  She can be caught in a corral with a little feed & loves to eat.  Linda was ridden by a 75-year-old gentlemen out of Tahlequah, OK when I purchased her.  She loads, clips, and has been shod.  Linda saddles & bridles easily and is not fussy with her ears.  She has been ridden in some rough country.  She has good ground manners and stands still while you mount.  Linda is an easy keeper – it doesn’t take much feed.  We took her to Colorado and she packed out an elk that had been boned out and my son who weighs about 225 lbs.  We didn't have a bit of trouble with her.

sorrel molly mule

BettyJo is a seven-year-old, 60” line-back dun molly mule.  BettyJo has a good wither and holds a saddle well.  I don’t have a lot of history on this mule and have ridden her only a few times.  She isn’t easy to catch in a large area.  However, you can pull her into a corral and then she can be caught easily.  She seems a bit uneasy around strangers, like so many mules are, but after you have been around her awhile her temperament changes drastically.  BettyJo rode well and I didn’t have a problem getting her to go wherever I pointed her.

dun molly mule

  Little Man is a 9-year-old, 58” bay john mule.  He has been to Colorado trail riding.  Little Man has also been worked in a feedlot.  He will really watch a cow and has a good rein on him.  His short lope is nice and easy but walks out real good.  He has never been roped on as far as I know, but I think he could handle that just fine.  He has a good disposition and easy to work with.  Little Man is a real athlete – has good feet and holds a saddle good.

bay john mule


Herman is a 3-year-old, 56” sorrel john mule.  Herman should mature out at about 59”.  He also has a twin brother who is a bay.  He has been handled and saddled with no problem.  Herman is ready to be broke and should break out gentle.  Herman seems eager to learn and would be a good prospect for someone who wants to train his or her own mule from the beginning. 

sorrel mule

  Valentine is a five-year-old, 57” black and white paint john mule.  Valentine’s mother was a Tennessee Walker and his sire was a Mammoth Jack.  We have had him since he was a weanling.  He was broke out gentle as a 2 year old.  He was ridden in pretty tough terrain and handled it well.  He’s been on a trip to Colorado and back.  I wouldn’t consider him gaited but has an extremely fast running walk. We really have not ridden him that much in the last couple of years.  We have so many mules we haven’t had time to really finish him out.  We really haven’t marketed him much since he is more like part of the family.  He is easy to shoe, catch, clip, saddle, bridle and load.  Valentine is a sweetheart!

john mule

  Chester and Jester is a team of black mustangs with white points.  They were obtained in 1994 from the Bureau of Land Management and we have Certificates of Titles for both.  They are broke to pull both a wagon and a plow.  They are easy to hook up and handle.  Chester and Jester come complete with the green spring board seat wagon! 

mule team